SMG session at IABSE-IASS symposium 2011 in London, UK

We just had our SMG session at the IABSE-IASS symposium 2011 in London, UK, chaired by Andrew Borgart and myself.

I would like to share the titles and presenters of the talks:

  • A framework for comparing form finding materials – Diederik Veenendaal (ETH Zurich)
  • All-glass shell scale models made with an adjustable mould – Arno Pronk (TU Eindhoven)
  • Computation & geometry in structural design & analysis: proposal for the Computation & Geometry WG15 study group – Roel van de Straat (Arup)
  • Curved Crease Folding – A Review on Art, Design and Mathematics – Duks Koshitz (MIT)
  • Research of the Study Group Transformable Structures – Niels de Temmerman (VU Brussels)
  • Practical advances in numerical form finding and cutting pattern generation for membrane structures – Falk Dieringer (TU Munich)
  • Generative Models Utilized for Superior Design Development – Jonathan Mirtschin (Geometry Gym Ltd)

Many people attended, thank you all!



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