Origami Shelter Project

The Kinetic Structures Laboratory (KSL, www.nd.edu/~athrall) in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame (ceees.nd.edu) has developed a novel deployable origami shelter with integrated energy planning and management. This research was motivated by the rising priority for reducing fuel consumption for heating and cooling military shelters. To address this need, the KSL has designed a concept for a folding, rigid wall structure inspired by the art of origami. It is comprised of sandwich panels which provide a high-strength to weight ratio and thermal insulation. The structure folds to a compact state for transportability. To develop this concept, the KSL has performed structural analysis according to design loads and optimized the shape for structural performance and energy efficiency in heating and cooling. The concept has been demonstrated through the erection of a full-scale prototype.   To see the full-scale prototype, please visit:


We regret that we won’t be able to attend the IASS 2015 Symposium, but wanted to share our latest research developments with the community.



Ashley P. Thrall, PhD
Myron and Rosemary Noble Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
University of Notre Dame
Website: www.nd.edu/~athrall

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